GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬

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GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬 GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬 GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬 GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬 GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬 GWZFOOD:食得健康 丹麦橄榄油香草蒸蚬


A good friend bought me some high quality salt and olive oil from Denmark and told me to cook something with them. Well, to respect such a gift highly, I decided to use simple ingredients like salt and pepper, a sprinkle of mixed herbs and some olive oil to make something super simple yet extremely appetising!  Also with the leftover natural juices from the clams, you can cook some vermicelli in it to end your day - perfectly!

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Clams, mixed herbs, salt, olive oil, vermicelli

MethodSoak clams in brine, then rinse with tap water and leave to drySteam clams for 5 minutesPour olive oil over clams and add salt and pepper, and sprinkle mixed herbs


After the clams are finished, there should be a plate of soup left which vermicelli can be cooked in.

Soak vermicelli in water until softenedReboil leftover juices/soup from steamed clams, add a bit of water, bring to boil and cook vermicelliTipsPS Use Thai vermicelli, the one I recommend - can look back at my previous posts or ask me which onePPS Use high quality salt and olive oilPPPS Make sure not to overcook your clams. Different sized clams have different cooking times. Either way nothing should be more than 8 minutes相关文章

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